Wednesday, May 17, 2017

the periodic and/or prodigal blogger

Yowzers, last August was a long time ago.  My excuse?  Work, kids, post-election ennui re: blogging, playing music, reading books, new dogs, new house, work, kids, etc.  But I'm getting back in the saddle.  Big post following momentarily, but I thought I'd just say hey and not just dive back in like it was no big thing.

PS.  I live in Ithaca, NY and I know it's too late to shout out May 8, and I know everyone's probably a little 77'ed out with the new box set at this point, but a tip of the hat to the good folks who threw a great party at Ithaca's lovely State Theater on the anniversary last week.  With all due respect to the band and the guest speakers, the highlight was dancing my troubles away with a thousand fellow heads to the newly remastered 5/8/77 Dancin' and Scarlet>Fire played over a big PA system.  That Betty Cantor-Jackson sure knew how to tape 'em.  Fun!

PPS.  I do hope, however, that all you citizens of Tuscaloosa, AL are having a fine time at this very moment celebrating your own local Grateful Dead Day, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this smokin' May 77 monster.  Keep on truckin', Tuscaloosans!

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