Wednesday, May 13, 2015

amazingly uncute

Hi there!  It's been, oh, a year and a half, but what's a few months between friends, right?  I had some thoughts percolating and figured I'd give this blog another shot.

Really, though, I just came across this little jewel and figured it was the ideal excuse to get this mother rolling again: an interview (via jerrygarciasbrokendownpalaces) about the Dead's involvement with the Rainforest Action Network in 1988 that resulted in, among other things, the extremely short lived but still mind-boggling pairing of the Dead with Hall & Oates.  Then, just when you thought things couldn't get worse, Jerry's got to go and start hating on tree sloths.  Tree sloths!

"The rainforest's animals aren't that cute, like a three-toed sloth -- an amazingly uncute animal. They're real slow. They have homely faces and they don't look like much. Orangutans are pretty cute and there are some rainforests that have orangs in them. That's part of it. Part of it is that we have to get off this thing of cute. We have to develop other biases."
Ouch.  I mean, of course he's got the right idea and all, but still, ouch.

Play St. Stephen!
 Right.  So.  Good to be back!  

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