Friday, August 26, 2016

4/29/77 Help>Slip>Frank

I was playing with Audacity to patch a sbd of one of my favorite ‘unknown’ jams, a forgotten moment from spring 77: the Help>Slip>Franklins from 4/29/77 at the Palladium in NYC.  The show is deservedly overlooked: it’s fine, but nothing to write home about, especially by 1977 standards, and Jerry Moore’s aud tape is still the only circulating recording.  Sbd tape of bits and pieces of the show have trickled out, but really the only must-hear thing is this titanic HSF.  It’s not quite as good as the ones from May or June, but those are the very best of the best.  This one is a major high-steppin’ version and one of my very favorites, and I’m posting it here mostly just as an excuse to gush about how good it is and maybe win some new converts.

An mp3 was posted at the Tapers Section many moons ago, but the first 3 1/2 min are apparently missing from the vault tape.  So after years of bemoaning this to myself, I finally just patched in the aud for my listening pleasure.  It ain’t perfect: the mp3 was @192 kbps and sounds a little thin next to the oversaturated aud, but it blends okay.  Just for fun, I also matrixed a few seconds in Franklin's when Jerry sings “God save the child who rings that bell,” and some dude on the aud tape rings a little bell, which has always cracked me up, and I threw in a few seconds of crowd cheering at the end in honor of this monster version.



  1. Thanks for doing this, I met Jerry Moore the one and only time the next night. David

    1. Glad you like, David. Were you at this show as well? I can only imagine what a scene the Palladium must have been like in 1977...

  2. The only NYC show I ever saw was 4-30-77. I was in prep school that year with no car so my touring was limited to Four More Saturday Nights, 4-23-77 Springfield, 4-30-77 Palladium, 5-7-77 Boston Garden and 5-28-77 Hartford. I wouldn't trade them. Back to your post, I have always liked the 4-29 show and I like the tracks released in Tapers Sections and Download Series 1, but this Help Slip Frank that starts the show is rocking. I never got to see that open a show