Tuesday, November 10, 2015

RIP Allen Toussaint

everything he did gon' be funky

Given what a major contributor to American music he was and how much he was in spotlight over the last decade, I know there will be far better tributes to the late, great Allen Toussaint than I could ever offer beyond my continued love for his work.  With the staggering amount of wonderful music that he wrote, songs like "I'll Take a Melody" and "Get Out of My Life, Woman" feel like a drop in the bucket.  If you are inclined to track it down, this great compilation of others' famous recordings of Toussaint's songs is well worth it -- or you could just blindly drop your finger on any collection of New Orleans R&B from the 1960's-70's and find some Toussaint-penned gold.

Tomorrow: an actual post about the Grateful Dead!  I promise, it's all written and everything.

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